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What is a Pre-Foreclosure In Greeley, CO


In simplest terms, a pre-foreclosure is a property in the process of foreclosure that is still legally owned by the owner. In Greeley, CO the foreclosure process can be divided into three stages:

  • Pre-foreclosure – is the status of a property in the early stages of a delinquent loan. You can consider that pre-foreclosure starts with the first notice from the lender and ends the day before the public auction.
  • Foreclosure – is the process by which lender cancels (forecloses) the borrower right of redemption to the mortgaged property through a judicial or non-judicial procedure depending on the state’s laws and regulations when the mortgage loan defaults. The state of [market-state]orida requires a judicial procedure, meaning the lender has to go to a state court in order to foreclose the property. The main event of the foreclosure is the public auction of the property.
  • Post-foreclosure – happens when the lender has to repossess the property for it was not auctioned off.

As you know, when contracting a loan, the lender checks the potential borrower credit history and repaying capacity before signing the legal document (mortgage deed or promissory note in some states). Money is transferred only after this document is signed.

The mortgage deed or the promissory note specifies the terms and conditions of loan repayment, including interest, and fees owed by the borrower. Through the contract, pre-Foreclosure In Greeley, CO, the lender reserves the right to seize and sell the property at a public auction, if the borrower breaches the loan’s terms and conditions.

Let’s focus now on pre-foreclosure as this stage gives you, as borrower, more options than in the foreclosure stage.

When Is My House considered to be Pre-Foreclosure In Greeley, CO?

Usually, if you are late with or miss one payment the lender will first notice and call you. Colorado Mortgages, most of the time, include a clause that requires the lender to send such a notice also called “demand letter” specifying the fact that your loan is in default, what actions you have to take to solve the situation, the deadline (no less than 30 days) for this action, and the consequences for the borrower if he/she cannot cure the default before the deadline. Pre-Foreclosure in Greeley, CO, you might also have in the mortgage contract a late fee, generally 5% of the overdue payment of both principal and interest.

Our advice is to contact the lender explain the situation and explore the mitigation options given by the lender if any. So don’t avoid calls and dismiss the letters, face the situation and try to solve the problem.
Some of the options you might be offered is to reschedule the loan, enter into a special forbearance or renegotiate the payment according to your new financial situation. With the support of your lender, you can try to get into the government-sponsored program Home Affordable Refinance Program or sell the property during the pre-foreclosure period or short sell the property as it is commonly called.

If options are exhausted and you cannot repay the loan the lender has, as per the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau servicing rules, 120 days before is allowed to file the case in state court and start the foreclosure. The clock starts ticking from the first delinquent day.

If the lender allows a short sale, generally a more efficient solution and costs conscious from both the lenders and your perspective, you will remain in the property possession and can list the house trying to get as much as possible out of this sale.

In these types of situations, time is of the essence and working with a cash buyer can help you avoid a foreclosure and possible hits to your credit score.

To sell your house in pre-foreclosure fast give us a call at (970) 744-4944 or send us an email here we can help you get past this situation.

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