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What Others Have To Say About Us…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us.

Testimonial from a satisfied seller in Loveland, CO

The process was amazing. You guys were totally awesome. I didn’t have to worry about anything.


Happy sellers for NoCo House Buyers in Loveland, Colorado!

It sounded to good to be true!

-Seth and Tammy

Seller Tesminonial

No hiccups. Everything was scheduled. It was basically hands free for me.

Seller Testimonial | NoCo House Buyers | Another Happy Client

On my end, it’s a good deal. You’ve been easy to work with, easy to negotiate and all of that. It’s a quick closing, just almost 2 weeks. I will certainly work with you again in the future.

Tim B.

Seller Testimonial NoCo House Buyers

I couldn’t be happier, I’m telling you! I thought it was gonna be a terrible experience and how am I ever gonna do this but this was the easiest process and I got such a fair price! They’re wonderful people! I highly recommend them

Our Seller Testimonial

It was a great experience!

                                                                                                 -Patricia and Stephen

Darren, one of our satisfied clients, made his testimonial.

The process was easy, it was fast. It was an easy closing. You looked at the place and made an offer and then boom, done! Cool! The offer was a fair price.


Sussie's Testimonial for NoCo House Buyers

The process was awesome. I have other people come out, they were rude, they tell me I have to leave the next day but with Makaela there was no pressure. She gave me time to think about it. It was very hard but with the help and love of Makaela, it went easy it went very easy.


Here's Steve's Testimonial. We bought his House for a GREAT DEAL!

You couldn’t need a better person. You gonna get the best deal with them. I recommend them. They do more of the things that other people couldn’t imagine.


Video Testimonial of Terry and Paula Hybiak

They are very honest people and very easy to work with. Sometimes these deals are kind of stressful thing but this turned out well because of NoCo House Buyers. We are very pleased with NoCo House Buyers.

Terry and Paula Hybiak

Video Testimonial from our Valued Customers!

We really appreciate how nice you have been. You even move the closing a little bit for us, it was really painless. The offer was very good!

Frank and Pam 

Michelle Video Testimonial For NoCo House Buyers

It was pretty seamless. I was impress how quick the process was. You have made us a great offer that we couldn’t pass up.


Phillip Shoemaker Video Testimonial

You help me with everything. If I had questions, you answered me very quick. You were really wonderful to work with and will do it again!

Phillip Shoemaker 

Lori Moran Video Testimonial for NoCo House Buyers Inc.

Blake is a wonderful person because he helped me through hard times. I dealt with some company but they were so rude and you are different. You made me feel comfortable.

Lori Moran 

Joy Harp's Video Testimonial For NoCo House Buyers Inc.

I thought this is the easiest to do rather than putting it into the market or sell by ourselves, so I called you and I am glad I did. And after I called you, I don’t think I should need to call anybody. Everything has been great.

Joy Harp 

Mr. Caterino's Video Testimonial for NoCo House Buyers Inc.

I got the price I wanted. He helped me move because my truck wouldn’t handle it. Give me some money upfront so I can buy new vehicle and give me more time to stay longer. A lot of people don’t do what they said they will do, but Blake did everything he said.

Mr. Caterino 

Nekia Waldrup - One of our satisfied clients!

Everything went good. You were very honest and very good working with. I can see the passion and heart in everything you do, that’s why I chose your company.

Nekia Waldrup

Brian Weikel - One of our satisfied clients!

Here’s a testimonial letter from Brian Weikel:

Hello, my name is Brian and I did something extraordinary- but not on my own.  The impossible was achieved with the help of Blake and Makaela Stevens through NocoHousebuyers. I am writing this letter to say thank you and hope it helps others looking for help regarding buying/selling a home.

I bought my Fort Collins home in 2007. I was extremely proud to be a first time home buyer and kept up with the payments while working as a dental lab technician. I was even able to refinance in 2010 and had great credit. Life was good.

Unfortunately, economic changes caused a need for downsizing and I lost my job within the same

“Hi Blake ! Thanks again for all the great work!”
-Holla, Brian-

year. Unable to find employment, I missed two mortgage payments. My check was returned after attempting to pay the third month’s payment. The mortgage company wanted half or nothing. I was then encouraged to enroll in a program to refinance what I owed and get back on track with my loan. It seemed easy enough, however, that was   not the case for me.

The process was tedious. 5 years later my world had fallen apart. Late fees and missed payments added up to a whopping $70,000 and I had less than four weeks until my foreclosure date. Realtors and foreclosure attorneys were trying to swoop in and “help   me out” but my time crunch and low credit score yielded only low offers and high  pressure tactics. Worst of these was a NOTICE of FORECLOSURE that had been    taped to my front door which resembled an official city notice yet in the fine print   revealed itself as an advertisement for a law firm. I felt very angry and distrusting   towards most companies as a result. Time was ticking and I didn’t know if any company could actually help me instead of simply scaring me out of my home.

Life was not so good, but I refused to give up.

The facts were that I owed $70K but my home value had increased by nearly $100K. I had missed 5 years of payments while my credit plummeted and no one seemed to know how to help. 5 years of uncertainty caused stress and loss of perspective that affected every relationship in my life in a negative way. I reluctantly decided to sell my home. Time passed in fear filled waves of foreclosure notices and requests for income that I could not provide. Every option I tried ended in defeat. Barely staving off every auction date by mere days. Paperwork bought me time but not much hope. I needed  real help. Eventually, NocoHousebuyers offered me options and hope.

Blake Stevens contacted me about my house. A contractor friend had given him my number and we agreed to meet even though I had no idea who he was. The next morning I had a pleasant meeting in my home with Blake and his sister Makaela. They proposed a fair offer after discussing my different options. I was nervous but  appreciated the way I was treated and the numbers made sense, so I signed the contracts. Within two weeks time they had paid in full the $70K that I owed in order to stop the foreclosure. Over the following months NocoHousebuyers had upgraded the house completely and listed it on the market. In July, 2017 the house sold at a great price and everyone involved came out a winner. I am extremely happy with their services. NocoHousebuyers allowed me to not only avoid my foreclosure but make enough money to start over and feel in control of my finances despite the greatest odds. This is a company that does what they say and treats people with fairness and respect.    I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and hope that this helps anyone in the same position.

Sincerely, Brian Weikel

More snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

                                                                             -Ray and Amanda

Your patience was greatly appreciated…

                                                             -Pat Moore

We feel very blessed by the way we were treated…

                                                                                                      -Rob Piper

Rob Piper of Fort Collins CO with Blake, Owner of NoCo House Buyers Inc

Blake was different from the rest, I felt very comfortable with him…

                                                   -Chappy, Nicole & Rylan

Thank you for making our dream a reality…

                                                                                             -Charlotte and Velma

Blake has been very very considerate of my entire family and all of our issues…

                                                                                       -Lenora Valerio

Mr. Stevens has been courteous and informative in all our transactions…

                                                                                               -Samantha Minnis

Samantha Minnis

Blake Stevens made the most painless process it could have been and saved my credit…

Want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with NoCo House Buyers Inc has been like for you.