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I got into real estate as an accidental landlord. We were having our second child and my wife said we are not putting the baby in the closet! We had to move but the national economy had just taken a huge crash and even though we had lived in the house 6 years and taken care of everything right, we couldn’t sell the house traditionally by putting it on the market, fixing it up, showing it at all hours, keeping it spotless and hoping and waiting to get top dollar. I did the math and even if all that went perfect and our selling price was high, we wouldn’t have any cash in hand after real estate commissions, closing costs, paying for seller down payment, holding costs during the sales period and fix up costs there wouldn’t benoco3 any money left above our loan balance. We could either pay $10 to $15 grand to sell our house after all that work, do a short sale, or let it go to foreclosure or find a better solution.

Once I got in to real estate I found I really liked it. I helped out some people experiencing the same problem I had. Then I fixed up a few houses to get them in top shape and found I really liked it and after doing a few could do it much cheaper than a homeowner, make a profit so my wife can stay at home with the kids and still offer the seller a fair cash offer the same they’d net selling it the traditional way without any hassles for them.

noco4Here we are now. I found a way where I can be of service to others the way Jesus calls us to serve. I can help people like you solve their real estate problems by offering them a service, referring them to other local experts or even just by being a guide and helping them do it on their own.


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