We Buy Houses As Is in Fort Collins

To Sell Your Home, Does it Need Major Updates and Repairs?

Property at N Hollywood St. Fort Collins, CO 80521 (We bought this house in as is condition)

The answer is NO! We Buy Houses As Is!

Having worries on how you can sell your home if it needs updating and repairs? Thinking of buyers whom you can sell your home as is? We will stop your stress. NoCo House Buyers buys your home in as is condition. We buy houses as is in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Is your Fort Collins home rundown or in dis-repair? Maybe you don’t have the time or money to make the repairs needed to list your home with a real estate agent. In this case, you might find yourself in a bad situation. Don’t worry, we buy houses as is!

In Colorado real estate market, buyers are looking for flawless properties, specifically a flawless home. They want a home with a spotless bathrooms, beautiful kitchen, new heating and air conditioning units, fresh paint, hardwood flooring and the like. Potential home buyers aren’t looking for a distressed kind of property. They don’t want to buy a home they’ll need to invest a lot of money into just to bring it up to date.

If you are like many homeowners, this leaves you wondering what you can do. You need to sell your house and don’t have the money or time to invest to get it up to par for a real estate agent. After all, real estate agents are known for demanding clients to make repairs, do updates, and clean the home up to make it appealing to potential home buyers. Your home is going to be listed on the market waiting to be sold for many months, which is going to cost you thousands in upkeep and taxes. This is money wasted, money you don’t have.

NoCo House Buyers Inc will buy houses as is…

If you don’t want to worry about making repairs or cleaning your home, then a cash home buyer is the answer for you.

And that’s what we do. We Buy Houses As Is!

NoCo House Buyers Inc will handle all the repairs, cleanup, and everything involved so you don’t have to. If you’re a homeowner in the Colorado region and need to sell your home now, then we are the best option for you. Not only will you save time, but you’ll receive cash for your home—super fast!

If you’re interested in selling your Fort Collins home fast, please contact us now. Click here and fill out the form, or call our office at (970) 744-4944. We will give you a fair cash offer that no real estate agent can ever guarantee.



Blake Stevens

About Blake Stevens

I grew up in Fort Collins, I lived in Loveland and I’ve worked and played sports all over Northern Colorado. I love our area, NoCo. Our company borrows money from private lenders so that they get a good return secured against a hard asset they can see and understand. We take a problem property off a sellers hands and get them the cash they want. We fix up the worst houses or even just average houses and make them the gem of the neighborhood, which improves our community one house at a time. We put trades people to work and stimulate the local economy. We partner with people looking to get a return on their capital in long term rentals providing quality housing while earning a good secure return. All around it’s a win, win, win business that I love.

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