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Seven Easy Tips to Sell Your Fort Collins Home

Thinking of easy and effective ways to sell your Fort Collins home? Do you want to sell it without any hassles? Explore these seven easy tips to help sell your Fort Collins home.

Seven Easy Tips to

Sell Your Fort Collins Home

Selling your Fort Collins home is a big deal. It is a life change. It is a financial leap. It may be your only nest egg. Maybe you need to make top dollar in order to put a down payment on your retirement house by the lake, or the condo in Bermuda, or just to get out from under your debt. If you’ve listed your home with a realtor, she/he will appreciate you following these 7 tips.

If you are selling your Fort Collins home on your own, these tips are must-dos.

  1. Smell of your House  Matters. Not you – you live there. You’re used to the smells. Find someone you trust to be honest with you to give you their sincere thoughts on how your home smells. What do they smell when they first walk in? Pet odor? Teenage boy odor? Is your garbage stored too close to you door? Does it stink? Then move through each room and do the same. Each room should pass the sniff test. Make sure to eliminate all strong odors, not just the nasty ones. You may love the smell of Old Spice but in your Buyers may not share your affinity for it. Less is more.
  2. Don’t Hover. If you are selling your home yourself, give the Buyers some space. Let them stroll through your home without you stalking them. If you have hired a realtor – Get out! . It’s hard for them to imagine romantic nights by that fireplace when grandma is watching game shows in the living room. Give them room to comment to each other without being overheard. Allow them the comfort to envision themselves in your home – how they will paint this room, knock down that wall, have friends over on that huge deck, etc.
  3. Honesty is the Best Policy. Don’t try to hide those water stains from the time your basement flooded if you have not fully addressed the defect that caused the flooding. Your buyer’s home inspection will spot it and you’ll be caught in a cover-up. All trust has vanished and your buyers can now negotiate you way down in price, or simply walk away. Your best move is to have fixed that leaky pipe and then repaired the water damage, or to just admit you were unfortunately flooded at one time, but you can show them exactly what you have done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  4. Keeps Your Lines Open and Stay in Touch. Return all calls and emails promptly. If you’re selling your home yourself, make sure you remain easily available to all interested parties. People like immediate gratification. If you don’t answer your phone they are dialing the next seller before you even retrieve your voice mail. Better get back to them fast! If you have your home listed with a realtor, she needs you to answer your phone, too. She cannot agree to anything without your say-so, and the agent calling her has three other houses her buyers are interested in.
  5. Pictures Do Matters. Is your house posted online (If not – are you actually serious about selling your home?) That one fuzzy picture of your home’s exterior, when everything is covered in snow, won’t cut it. Buyers shopping online for houses that interest them have hundreds of choices. In this case, less is not It’s simply, well – less! You have lost that buyer 2 seconds after he realizes there is nothing more to see.
  6. Play Nicely. Your Buyers may have demands. They may want to move items in before the closing date. If you have already moved out, you may want to consider allowing this. It will go a long way toward an amicable sale and buy you some good grace in terms of negotiating other demands. For instance, if your Buyer wants to move items in early, and a fresh stain on the deck, and new carpet, and so on, allowing them to move in early provides the means to deny the other requests if you simply do not have the time or resources to accommodate them. And you still look like you are willing to be cooperative.
  7. Don’t Let it Go. Take care of your home through the years. If the toilet breaks, fix it. If roof shingles blow off, replace them before your roof leaks. If your roof leaks, fix that too. Small problems become big problems. And dozens of small problems present a house the Buyers think they can get for a steal. Or maybe they just won’t get at all.


Want To Sell Your Fort Collins Home Fast?  Avoid these seven steps above and get rid of your property quickly. No repairs, no real estate agents, no people trampling through your house, no fees, no commissions.

If you want to skip the entire process of selling your house and these seven tips – while getting a fair, fast cash offer for your house, get in touch with us. Just click here and fill out the form or call our office at (970) 744-4944.



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