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Real Estate Agent vs. Cash Buyer: Who to Choose in Fort Collins?

When selling your home, you can either sell with a real estate agent, sell “For Sale By Owner”, or you can sell to a cash buyer. But if you’re new to home selling, it can be hard to tell which is best. In order to decide if a real estate agent vs. cash buyer is right for your unique scenario, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages. Keep on reading to get details on each and to find out which is best for you.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a great choice for those with a home in great condition. It is especially ideal if you have time on your hands to wait for its sale. A good realtor has made connections with other agents who they can contact to get you an ideal buyer. They’ll also know if there any repairs you need to address in your home before it goes on the market. While they have all the expertise to stage, show, list and sell a home, it’s also important to note the expenses that come along with hiring an agent. The typical commission you’ll pay your realtor is around 6-7% at the close of the home. Additionally you’ll have to factor in the cost of necessary inspections to ensure your home is market ready. And finally, you’ll have to save for important repairs that are suggested by the inspector and the realtor. It may seem like a great solution to sell on your own without an agent. It’s important to remember that while you may save on commissions you will be spending a lot of time while going it alone. This is especially true if you need to deal with mortgage companies and confusing paperwork. You don’t want to make mistakes in a transaction this large and accidentally open yourself up to liability.

Cash Buyer

A cash buyer is a wonderful choice for those in some difficult scenarios. Take inventory of your current situation. Are you facing foreclosure, selling through a divorce, or is your home is in need of many repairs? Cash buyers are a great solution to these frustrating circumstances because they allow you to sell quickly. You can get a quote on your home in 24 hours and be able to close within 10 days. A fast home sale is perfect when time is of the essence. A cash buyer will also purchase your home in as-is condition. That means you don’t have to hire an inspector, nor do you have to make any repairs before selling. Cash buyers are familiar with difficult life-scenarios and can help you navigate through them when it comes to selling your home. You also won’t be paying any fees or commissions.

Making the Decision

If your home is in fantastic condition and you know you can make a generous profit, a realtor might be great. If you can wait up to several months to close and you have little to no repairs to make, then it really could be your best option. However, if you need to sell your home fast or there are lots of repairs to be made, a cash buyer in Fort Collins could be your best option. Remember the highest offer doesn’t always mean it’s the best offer. In some cases the lowest risk offer is often the best offer. There’s no sense in going with the highest offer, if it’s just going to fall through later. Weigh your options, factor in your circumstances, and consider the repairs you’re going to need to do

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