Need to Sell Your House Fast? We Buy Houses for Cash in Fort Collins CO and Surrounding Areas

Maybe there are countless reasons as to why you want to sell your house fast? Are you behind on payments? Or need of debt relief? Maybe you’re dealing with a divorce, job transfer or bad tenant? Does your home needs too many repairs to be sold? Are you facing foreclosure? NoCo House Buyers Inc is here to help you go out with these problems. We Buy Houses!

We Buy Houses, Sell Your House Fast!

NoCo House Buyers Inc purchases homes for cash in Fort Collins and surrounding areas– We also buy houses at Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Windsor, Timnath, Wellington, Johnstown and all the cities in between.

A lot of CO home owners think they can purchase a property believing the home will somehow maintain its perfect condition. However, homes will deteriorate as the years go by and will need many repairs if you want to sell. If you are facing a situation where you’re cash strapped, or are unable to fix your home, don’t worry, because here at NoCo House Buyers Inc, we purchase homes for cash in Fort Collins and surrounding areas—we can help you out of whatever bad situation you may be in.

Some people may want to sell their property quickly, but due to the condition of the home, they’re unable to sell it to a suitable buyer. And many people are eventually forced to do two things: sell their home for cash or face the dreaded foreclosure.

Which can be prevented if they just know their options. And selling your home to NoCo House Buyers Inc is one of those perfect options because we buy houses.

Here at NoCo House Buyers Inc we specialize in buying homes for cash in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. It doesn’t really matter if your whole house was a disaster/distressed. We don’t care, we will still give you the right cash for your home. We don’t care how many issues your home has, because we want to help you out by taking it off your hands and giving you cash. It’s a win-win and great deal for everyone.

We can give you cash for your home and help you get out of any bind you’re in. If you are ready to sell your home for cash, don’t wait another day. Contact us today! We will give you the price you deserve.


If you’re interested in selling your Fort Collins home fast, please contact us now. Click here and fill out the form, or call our office at (970) 744-4944. We guarantee you a fair cash offer that no real estate agent can ever guarantee.

Blake Stevens

About Blake Stevens

I grew up in Fort Collins, I lived in Loveland and I’ve worked and played sports all over Northern Colorado. I love our area, NoCo. Our company borrows money from private lenders so that they get a good return secured against a hard asset they can see and understand. We take a problem property off a sellers hands and get them the cash they want. We fix up the worst houses or even just average houses and make them the gem of the neighborhood, which improves our community one house at a time. We put trades people to work and stimulate the local economy. We partner with people looking to get a return on their capital in long term rentals providing quality housing while earning a good secure return. All around it’s a win, win, win business that I love.

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