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Things You Should Know About Selling Your Own House in Fort Collins


There are many factors to weigh when considering selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner) vs hiring an agent. Will I price it right? Who will prepare the documents? Do I really have the time and patience for this? Will I get in legal hot water? And just because it might make financial sense to do so, are you aware of all the ins and outs involved? Read this article and learn the things you should know about selling your own house in Fort Collins.

Selling your home. Sure, a lot of people get a real estate agent to help but is that really necessary? If you want to save money on commission and also have more control over the process then you might want to sell your house by yourself. Here are the:

Things You Should Know About Selling Your Own House In Fort Collins

1. You Should Make Your Home Market Ready

As a seller, it’s your job to make sure the house is as attractive to buyers as possible. That means, you should walk through the house as if you were a buyer and decide what a buyer might want.

For example, if buyers in your neighborhood want houses that are finished and move-in-ready then you might need to make sure all the little work (such as baseboards and light switches) are present.

Or maybe your buyers want a house that has a beautiful backyard then you need to think about installing a deck and putting in some landscaping. But if you want to sell your house as is, NoCo House Buyers Inc is the best investor for you. We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! You can always call us at (970) 744-4944.

2. Start Marketing

One of the key secrets to selling your house is to get lots of buyers walking through, and to do that you need to market your house.

There are many places you can do that – from local websites to bulletin boards at the grocery store, and from social media to a sign on the corner. Get the word out and start getting buyers in.

3. Be Prepared To Negotiate

One of the primary reasons owners choose to sell on their own is to avoid paying the real estate commission which can amount to a hefty sum. So, as a seller you want a higher price, and buyers want to pay a lower price. Since you are selling your house yourself, you need to do what the agent does – and try to find the right price that makes both parties happy. Therefore, some negotiation skills are necessary.

4. Understand The Paperwork

Selling a house requires some paperwork – including contracts and disclosure statements, and perhaps other documents depending on where in CO you’re planning to sell. So make sure you understand what paperwork is required.


Want to sell your house yourself? That’s a bold step but it can save you some money on commissions. If so, then the  things you should know about selling your own house in Fort Collins include: making your home market ready, marketing actively, negotiating, and understanding the paperwork.


If all of that process turns out to be more work or hassle than you want, you have another option to sell – you can always sell your house to us here at NoCo House Buyers Inc. We are professional buyers and we can make an offer to buy your house right away. We can give you great and fair deal!

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