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Benefits of Buying Through a Wholesaler in Fort Collins

Wholesaling has been around a long time, and many thousands of businesses in various industries are engaged in wholesaling today. It’s just that we don’t often tend to think of it in connection with real estate. Still, for real estate investors buying houses to flip or hold, the benefits of buying through a wholesaler in Fort Collins are significant and numerous. We’ll take a look at some of the most important benefits below.

Typically in real estate wholesaling, an investor buys a property or gets a property under contract and then sells that property or assigns the contract as soon as possible. The usual course is for the investor (the wholesaler) to sell a property to another investor who then rehabs it and flips or rents it. The key for end investors is buying the property cheap enough to allow for a profit after rehabbing and other expenses.


We can’t be specialists in every area, so running a real estate investment business requires allowing other specialists to do what they do best. And wholesalers have specialized knowledge and expertise when it comes to marketing, negotiating, and contracts. So one of the chief benefits of buying through a wholesaler in Fort Collins is that you can concentrate on what you do well and let the wholesaler take care of all those other matters.


A related benefit is the sheer convenience of buying through a wholesaler. A wholesaler can take care of the marketing, making offers, negotiating, and tying up the property. It takes experience, skill, and a good measure of perseverance to repeatedly tie up properties on a volumes basis. And because wholesalers do it so well, you don’t have to. You have the convenience of concentrating on rehabbing, managing projects and collecting without worrying about being pulled in a hundred other directions. It’s a huge convenience to be able to just run your business while the wholesaler does what you don’t have the time or skill to do.

Streamlined Process

Another one of the benefits of buying through a wholesaler in Fort Collins lies in the fundamental difference between retail sales and wholesale transactions. Acquisition of retail houses involves a long and complicated process that includes voluminous contracts, inspections, financing, and closing – all or which can take many months.

Wholesale transactions, on the other hand, are far less involved and much more streamlined. The contract, for example, will sometimes be no more than one page long. There is generally just an abbreviated (if any) inspection, and closing can happen in as little as seven days. This does, however, often require some caution and vigilance on your part, but faster and simpler are usually better for investment properties.

Experience Opportunity

If you’re just getting started with buying real estate investment properties, one of the outstanding benefits of buying through a wholesaler in Fort Collins is the opportunity it affords you to gain experience with less risk. First, the purchase price is usually far less than it would be for a retail transaction. You will be able to build your investing business in incremental steps without the need for a huge upfront cash outlay and with far less potential for any huge losses. You learn as you go, and your business builds momentum while you do.

The solid benefits of buying through a wholesaler in Fort Collins make it a wise avenue for real estate investors. It can certainly be a good way to acquire investment houses – if that is, you have the know-how and just a little assistance from an expert or two.


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