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4 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast In Pierce

A mobile home can be a great starter house or a good subject for a renovation project, but when you’re ready to sell, you’re ready to sell! Here are four things you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Pierce.

Post on the Bulletin Board

First things first, potential buyers have to know your mobile home is available for sale. One thing you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Pierce is to post on the bulletin board. If your mobile home in Pierce is located in a community, there will probably be some sort of common place for postings in the community, such as a clubhouse or pool house. Your community may also have an online website where members can post notices or items for sale. Make this your first action. There are many owners in your community that would love to have their friends or family in the same community, so this would be a great opportunity for them to make an offer before the property is on the market, so to speak. If your property is not in a community, there are plenty of for sale by owner sites you could list on that are Pierce specific.

Make Repairs or Upgrades

The second thing you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Pierce is to make any necessary repairs or invest a little in some quick upgrades. Make sure to fix any squeaky or soft floors and repaint any areas of wear and tear. You will definitely want to assess the overall condition of the mobile homes on your street and make sure yours compares. You may want to invest in a roof-over or redo the roof, perhaps do a quick renovation in the kitchen by purchasing new cabinets or appliances. You will also want to make sure that all of the locks are well oiled and operate smoothly and quickly. You need to make sure that when showing the property, there are no delays in unlocking and opening doors. This also promotes the perception of a well-maintained property. 

Post a Sign in Your Yard

If the bulletin board doesn’t work, another thing you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Pierce would be to post a for sale sign in your yard, if your community allows. Make sure to pay attention to any size requirements, otherwise, you might get a citation from the code ordinance office. This will notify potential buyers driving around in the area that the property is for sale without having to see your notice on the physical or digital bulletin board. This method may cause tire kickers to call or schedule showings and they may or may not be that serious about purchasing your mobile home, however, it will let your neighbors know your mobile home is for sale. Some potential buyers will drive through neighborhoods they want to live in and wait for signs to show up in yards. 

Curb Appeal

The fourth thing you can do to sell your mobile home fast in Pierce is to step up the curb appeal. Start with a pressure wash to clean off any dirt on the driveway or structure walls. A new coat of paint could do wonders to clean up the look of your mobile home with a small cost. Have the hedges trimmed, plant some geographically appropriate foliage, and add fresh mulch to the plant beds. If you leave the basic maintenance undone, this may convey that the property is difficult to maintain. A little effort can have a large impact on future buyers’ perception of your property for sale.


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